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Eden Athletics

Eden Athletics seeks to support and encourage the sport of running. We welcome runners of all ages and abilities to join our club, to participate in our activities and to contribute to and support the running community on Mount Desert Island, Maine. Annual membership begins Jan. 1 of the year in which dues are paid and end Dec. 31st of the same year.

Dues are as follows:

1 Year - $10 for an individual, $15 for a family

2 year - $20 for an individual, $30 for a family

3 year - $30 for an individual, $45 for a family

Membership benefits include

- inclusion in the Eden Athletics Point Series

- a 10% discount on running shoes at Cadillac Mountain Sports Bar Harbor location

- a Fuelbelt discount

- a yearly newsletter

-membership in the Road Runners Club of America which includes a newsletter

Eden Athletics membership is open to all. This association is a chapter of the Road Runners Club Of America. For the complete bylaws and a membership application please see the links at the bottom of the page.

Congratulations to the New Eden Athletics Board voted in at the annual meeting on 1/22: 

President James Kearns

Vice President Adam Murphy

Secretary Tom Murphy

Treasurer: Elizabeth Williams

Membership Lisa Kearns

Member-at-Large Laura Anderson

Member-at-Large Maegan Haney

The 2016 officers were:
Presdent Christa Brey
Vice President Scott Grierson
Secretary Elizabeth Davis Williams
Treasurer(s) Eliza Murphy and Adam Murphy
Membership Laura C. Anderson
Member-at-Large Andrew Kephart
Member-at-Large Maegan Haney

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Mar 12, 2017, 6:22 AM
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