Track Workouts

6pm Wednesday evening track workouts at the MDI High School. All paces are welcome and guidance is provided. Workouts start at 5:30 pm so arrive earlier for warm-ups. The workouts are usually completed by 6:30 or 7:00 pm.
Suggestions for people new to the track - Begin a track workout with a warm-up that includes a mile or two of easy running, some stretching and five or six strides or accelerations, with good recovery after each. At the end of the workout, cool down with a mile or two of easy running and some stretching.

Workout Schedule;
15-May Threshold 20min Tempo + 4x200
22-May Interval 800's
29-May Repeats 2x200, 1x400
5-Jun Threshold 1000's
12-Jun Intervals 4-6-8 Pyramid
19-Jun Repeats 400's
26-Jun Threshold 1200's
3-Jul Interval 3' hard / 2' easy
10-Jul Repeats 2x200, 1x400
17-Jul Threshold 1600's
24-Jul Interval 800's progressive
31-Jul Repeats 1' hard / 3' easy, 4x200
7-Aug Eden Track Festival (First Strides Mile, Open Mile, High School Mile, Kids 400m, Point Series 2 Mile Race, & 4x400 Relay)
14Aug Intervals 4-8-12 Pyramid
22-Aug Repeats 400's
29-Aug Threshold 1000's

List of workouts;
20' Threshold and 4x200
Threshold (cruise interval) 1200's
Interval pyramid 400, 600, 800, 800, 600, 400
Repeats 2x200, 1x400
Intervals 800's progressive 
Repeats 400's
Threshold (cruise interval) 1600's
Interval pyramid 400, 800, 1200, 1200, 800, 400
Repeats 1' hard / 3' easy, 4x200
Intervals 3' hard / 2' easy
Threshold (tempo/economy) 20min + 4X200M
Threshold 1000's
Thanks to Glen Rand of Sub 5 Running Club for helping to develop many of these workouts.
Track for kids: