Intervals 800's Progressive

Intervals 800's progressive

800's - progressively faster

The goal is to run 800's each a bit faster then the previous 800. Try to drop about 5 - 10 sec from your previous 800.

Recoveries are 400M jog.

How many 800's?
If your weekly mileage is:

20 miles/week do 3
25 - 30 miles/week do 4
35 miles/week do 5
40 miles/week do 6
45 miles/week do 7
50+ miles/week do 8

For those of you doing three 800's do them at 10K, 5K and 2 mile race pace.

For those of you doing four 800s, the first 800 is run at about 15K race pace, the second 800M at around 10K pace, the third at 5K pace, with the final 800M at 2 mile race pace. Recoveries are 400M jog.

For those of you doing more then four 800's, keep repeating the slowest (15K race pace) 800M time, and then do the progressively faster 3 remaining 800's at 10K, 5K and finally 2 mile race pace.

Below are some recommended times for the first (slowest) 800M based on a 5K race time;

6:09 for a 35 min 5K
5:16 for a 30 min 5K
4:34 for a 26 min 5K
4:13 for a 24 min 5K
3:52 for a 22 min 5K
3:30 for a 20 min 5K
3:10 for a 18 min 5K
2:49 for a 16 min 5K