Meetings and Minutes

Eden Member Meeting (and Potluck) January 15, 2015


Edith Schriever-Korstanje (President), Christa Brey (Vice-President), Laura Anderson (Membership director), Adam and Eliza Murphy (Treasurer), Maegan Haney (Member at Large and Website), Ron Korstanje (Member at Large)

Scott, Rina, Stanley, Stephan, Spencer Grierson, Andrew Tieman, Diana Kay-Daigle, Kara Pratt, Matt, Sue and Chris Heel, Bill Hanson, Jean Bell, Lloyd Harmon, Andrew Kephart, Judith Blake, Bob and Becky Carroll, Mark Wanner, Joris, Maaike and Thomas Korstanje.

  1. Opening and introductions. Edith opens the meeting, all Board members introduce themselves.

  2. Benefits of being an Eden Athletics member: Edith describes the benefits: motivation to keep running, challenges, training together, 10% discount at Cadillac Mountain Sports (shoes for sure, working on 10% all inventory), possible discount on DEFY races (Eden Athletics will be a main sponsor for the DEFY races), Jack Russell Steakhouse point series (you have to be an Eden Member to participate and have your points counted)

  3. Eden Board: all current Board Members are up for re-elections. Scott Grierson is candidate for Secretary position. Andrew Kephart replaces Ron Korstanje as Member at 

  4. large. None of the present Eden Members are opposed and the new Eden Board is installed.

  5. Jack Russell Steakhouse Point series

  6. : We have added a few more races. Our third race in the series will be organized by our own Eden member Chris Heel. Chris presents his race to the Board. The race will 

  7. be a 5k in NE Harbor on May 2, 2015. The MDI Y is adding a new 10k race to their spring half marathon and Eden will add this race to the point series as well. All point series races are attached, please 

  8. note that not all races have been confirmed.

  9. Eliza presents different ideas for the new Eden Logo. Majority of the Eden Members like the shoe-print logo with the old Eden logo in it. It is decided that this will be Eden’s new logo.

  10. Questions/concerns: there are no questions/concerns other than positive feedback about the meeting. EA will try to open the running season with a member meeting each year and close it with the point series awards ceremony. The meeting is adjourned.

  11. Eden Member Trivia game: a fun way to learn fun facts about our fellow Eden Members!