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Kaufman 5k

Great Eden Showing at the Bridge The Gap April 6!

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Jack Russell Steakhouse Point Series 2014

March 29th 10am Flattop 5k - Race App

April 26th Kaufman 5k DEFYMCA Ellsworth -  Race App

 May 26th Memorial Mile DEFYMCA - Race App

June 28th 7:30am Tour de Lac 10miler 

July 13th 8:30am Flamingo Run 4miler - Race App

August 20th Eden Track Festival 2miler 

George Schafer 5k

August 23rd Northeast Harbor 5miler 

September 20th MDIYMCA Fall 1/2 Marathon - Race App

September 20th MDIYMCA Fall 5k - Race App

September 27th Roger Willey 5k - Race App

September 27th Roger Willey 10k - Race App

October 12th Downhill Mile

Registration for the race will take place on Sunday morning (October 12th) between 9:00 and 9:40 A.M. at Jack Russell's Steakhouse (102 Eden Street, Bar Harbor).  At 9:40 all race participants will jog to the start at the Kebo Valley Golf Club. (Do not park at the Golf Club!) This fast, "mostly" downhill course, will start at 10:00 A.M. at the top of Cromwell Harbor Road and finish on Spring Street. 

If you have a race to add email us at: mhaneyinme@gmail.com