The Most Beloved Marathons in the Whole World

Now more and more people are starting to play sports. So it becomes a kind of trend, not only among the younger generation but also among people of other ages. This is because many begin to pay great attention to their health and strive to be healthy. To do this, there are many different ways that can keep your health in good shape and help you achieve your ideal shape. One of those things is running.

Yes – this is definitely one of the easiest exercises that can perfectly develop your body, promote weight loss and train the cardiovascular system. Anyone who is already running can feel all the benefits of this exercise.
But it is worth saying that such exercises can milk people, so you need to diversify this activity somehow. One of those things is competition. Yes, it is competitions that can help diversify the sports process and bring new emotions. But it should be said that competitions in big world cities will definitely bring even more adrenaline and emotions. These are the impressions and memories that will be with you for a long time. In this article, we will talk about the most famous competitions in the world, which gather around them a lot of people from all over the world.

List of Famous competitions in World Cities

Oldest Competition in the world – Boston Marathon

You should start with the event, which is considered the oldest running competition in the field of running and competitions. Yes, this sporting event is the Boston competition. It was founded in 1897 and has been held annually for over 100 years. It should be said that its holding was almost never postponed to a later date.

An interesting fact is when exactly this sporting event takes place. It takes place every third Monday in April. This is rather unusual, given that most of these events take place over the weekend. But everything has its own explanation. Holding a marathon on a weekday, right at the beginning of the working week, is explained by the fact that Patriot Day is celebrated on this day.

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This sporting event is considered one of the best and most anticipated throughout the year. But not everyone should qualify to participate in this race. To definitely become a member of this competition, it is worth either running for charity or qualifying. So there is a certain time for which you need to overcome the distance. Only then can a person become eligible to compete in the Boston competition. It should be said that this route is somewhat different from other routes intended for obtaining a world record. But even in spite of this, 2 hours is considered the best for the entire existence of running competition.

The Globe’s Hugest competition – New York competition

Before that, we talked about the oldest competition in the world, which is held in Boston. Now it is worth talking about the young race, which has only been held for 50 years. This is a race held annually in New York. To date, it is the largest race in the world, in which several tens of thousands of people participate annually. So, usually, almost all the athletes who finish, participate in this race, finish and express only the best impressions about this unforgettable sports experience.

It should be said that this sports race is made right in New York and passes through all areas of the city. You, as a participant in this race, you will be running past Central Park and Times Square. This race is held every first Sunday of November. It has never been canceled, apart from one case in 2012. It was then that Hurricane Sandy was approaching the country, so this marathon was canceled. Finally, it is worth adding that the best time among men in this sports competition is 2 hours, and among women, this figure is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Taking part in such a sports marathon is a very cool opportunity to see the city that everyone dreams of visiting and get an unforgettable experience from the race. You can combine two favorite activities at once, which will definitely bring even better emotions.

The Major Race of the World’s Major Marathons – London Marathon

To begin with, this running marathon is popular because you can see many of the world’s stars of this sport on it. Every year in London, if you participate in such a marathon, then you can even meet your idols in this sport. Also, as you could already understand from the title of this chapter, it is also very difficult to win this race because mostly professionals compete here.
Some may not understand what the popularity of this running sporting event is. Everything is explained by the fact that among the people who participated in this marathon, there are those who were able to set a world record for the fastest passage of the distance. It is also worth mentioning that during this race, there are pacemakers. This is necessary in order to accelerate the pace of the elite athletes participating in this running marathon.

Fastest Marathon in The World – Berlin Marathon

This sports race was created in 1974 and has been held annually in Berlin since then. This running sporting event has a date and constantly takes place only on the last weekend of September. It is worth saying that this race is considered the fastest in the world, so not every person is able to cover this distance. You need to be well trained and prepared to cover this distance and finish. That is why only professional athletes participate here, who can quickly gain momentum and have tremendous endurance. It was during this marathon that three world records among women were set.

It is worth saying that from the creation of the marathon until 1990, people ran the distance only in the Western part of Berlin. This was due to the fact that this city was divided. But since 1990, the sports route has been changed and began to pass through the entire city.

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Now you know about some of the most famous marathons that are now regularly held in the world. If you want to participate in a marathon, then you should choose the one you like the most and register on the official website.

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